So it starts…


For anyone who doesn’t know me (okay, this will be all of you), I’m RaulMonkey, and this is going to be my blog. This is going to be basically entirely about MapleStory, and my adventures (and trials) playing it.

I’m going to try to keep the blog updated every couple of days, but I do have other concerns, so I may not be able to post sometimes, because of school, sports, or other issues. I’ll try to give advance warning, but if I disappear, there’s probably a good reason.

Here’s some basic info about me on MapleStory:

Main: RaulMonkey, level 152 Dual Blade (Galicia).

Mining/UA mule: WhatsaUA, level 42 Dawn Warrior (Galicia).

Herbalism/glasses mule: DaSwagDragon, level 52 Evan (Galicia).

Idonteven: Intception, level 13 Magician (Galicia).

Something: SirFullSwag, level 18 Aran (Chaos).

And those are all the characters that I actually sometimes play on.

I also am on Southperry (, and BasilMarket ( People from Basil may know me as Raul the Riddler.

That’s me, 8/1/11. As you can see, I’m in the Rextons map. I was trying to get some KFA’s, pot scrolls, recipes, or maybe even some TT30, but all I could find was some crappy level 120 Int shoulderpad recipes. Eh.

I’ve been playing Maple ever since something like 4 or 5 years ago, on a friend’s account. I stopped after 6 months or so, and didn’t start playing again since about a year ago. I’d always  liked thieves, and Dual Bladers had just been released in GMS. I started with a DB, and loved it. I’ve never really been able to train on another type of class after that, which explains my other characters, all of whom’s levels are around 1/3 or less of my main’s.

Now, I’m going to make some things clear to everyone. You may disagree, and I’m fine with that. But remember that this is my blog, and I decide what happens (and what doesn’t).

  • No racism. Of any sort.
  • No flame wars in the comments (unless it’s with me).
  • No asking me stupid questions. This can range from “What’s the price of tea in Scania?” to “What’s the GMS 5th Exclusive Part of Chaos going to be?” to “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”
  • No excessive profanity. You can swear a couple of times, if it’s appropriate, but if you post saying “FUCK THIS FUCKING SHIT THIS FUCKER FUCKING SCAMMED ME!!! I’M GOING TO FUCKING RIP HIS FUCKING BALLS OFF AND STICK THEM UP HIS FUCKING ASS!” or something like that, I’m not going to allow it.
  • Please make sure your comments are readable and coherent. Google Chrome has an auto-spell checker, and you can also use something like Microsoft Word to check. If you don’t know how to spell a word, then don’t use it, or ask someone IRL. Or just don’t use it.
  • This is a GMS blog. I may post something about KMS, but I will not be covering KMS content extensively. I do not have a KMS account. I do not have an EMS account. I do not have a ThMS account, a MSea account, a CMS account, or any accounts in another version of MapleStory.
  • No insults about sexual orientation. Calling someone a fag isn’t going to happen on my watch.
  • Keep the conversation ABOUT THE TOPIC AT HAND. If the topic is MapleStory, keep it on MapleStory. If the topic is how Arsenal, my favorite soccer team, won the Champion’s League, keep it about soccer. You get the point.
  • Don’t post your personal information. This isn’t a social site, either.

I’m not super-duper pro. My range isn’t great. My %luk is only around 20%. I consider 400m to be rich for me. I’m not a Nx-whore. I’m not a damage-whore. I do like rare things (like trying to get Vampire on my DB, or the Rex’s Hyena Mount, or the DAB ring), but I won’t go buy them. I’ll hunt them.

As a last note: I’m not infallible. I can be wrong. My word is not scripture. If I’m wrong, please tell me, show me your source, and I’ll change it ASAP.

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