Take Two


Disregard that last post.

I made it so long ago, I can barely recognize it.

Things have… changed.

I’m now 164 on my main, and 102 on my I/L.

I’m still not rich, but I’m doing… better.

The game’s changed, though.

In three months, the game’s been changed so much I can hardly recognize it.

I forgot about this blog, and now I’m going to try to catch up.

Since it’s relevant, I’m going to cover what’s happened to me over the past 3 months and what’s happened to the game (GMS and KMS).

When I posted, it was before the 5th part of Chaos came out. Spoiler alert to those who have been under a rock for 3 months: we got a crappy new PvP mode and a copy/pasted version of Monster Book from JMS.

A month and a half later, we got Ascension.  Same as it was in KMS.

Just recently, about 3 weeks ago, we got another copypaste from JMS: monster familiars. That and some new invention form GMS called sidekicks. More on them later.

Of course, Nexon screwed up familiars. Only familiars level 70 and below dropped, they were time limited, and the droprate was equivalent to that of an Angelic Blessing Ring recipe or a Lunar Dew.

In KMS, the final section of the Temple of Time was released.

Then more blah.

Recently, Nexon Korea has started some new skill revamps, culminating with the long-awaited Pirate and Thief updates in December!

They’ve already revamped the Resistance, Aran, and Evan in October, and the patch for November, Magician/Warrior/Archer/Cygnus/UA update was just released into Tespia today. Read it all at Shakar’s blog, Max (Orange Mushroom)’s blog, or simply on Southperry.

Now, I get to talk a little.


I’ve been talking for the entire time?

Shut your mouth.

When Ascension hit, I started to level my level 13 magician, Intception.

As I previously mentioned, he’s now level 102.

Frankly,  he’s now the only thing that keeps me playing.

Getting 143,789,844 exp to level my DB is rather hard, especially with school and a lack of motivation.

I also lost my prized red afro.

Well, that’s all for right now.

Maybe I’ll start posting here more.

Hell, maybe I’ll start extracting GMS.

You never know.

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