A new beginning…

Well, I take back what I said earlier.
I now do play KMS.
Thanks to those wonderful people over at Leafre.net, I now have an account, and am currently playing a Thunder Breaker, a revamped Cygnus Knight, in Culverin.
I plan to get it to 120 and get my UA in time for the thief/pirate updates, which makes everything work out perfectly.
Accordingly, I’ll be a lot less active in GMS.
My only commitment right now is getting my I/L mage to 121 by this Thursday at 21:30 server time.
I have to do it because that damn event book for Arcane Aim expires then, and I need to use it.
Because really, I won’t be able to afford that book any other way.
Currently 107. All I really need to do is get to 110 and my way is clear, due to LHC being absolutely fantastic exp. That and a 4 hour 1.5x exp coupon which stacks with family buffs and HS, making an episode of 2.7x for 45 minutes and 2.25x for the other 3 and a quarter hours very possible. At LHC that is pretty damn fantastic exp.
I’m going to try to get some images of my characters up soon, so you can see all my swag.
Yeah, no. My I/L looks like a level 70 with a pyrope wand and the Growing Up perma cash equips that I got when I created it. At least it masks over that hideous Marbas hat.
My TB has generic level 30 pirate equips (from the Cygnus Knight revamps, free equips until level 70 = win), and is indistinguishable from any other TB.
At least my DB looks like a pimp. Pity I lost my red afro.
I wonder where I can get my hands on an extraction program…

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